Community importance

Web3: Communities are the Internet's Future

Yung Pixels is definitely an innovative project. We bring originality in the development process, in technological issues, opting for extreme decentralization and true randomness, in addition to having professionalism and a long-term vision for the development of new collections and the effective realization of a DAO.
However, a project cannot move from innovative to revolutionary status if it does not have the support of a large, active and engaged community that is committed to the project in the long run.
Although we feel that we are organically fueling community growth, it is inevitable that we may have left good ideas and actions out of our plans.

To ask a question is not to FUD!

Many projects team can't stand the idea of question and doubts coming from the Community, categorizing every doubt as FUD. We do not believe that this approach is the right way to deal with questions raised around our Community.

Give us your thoughts!

Therefore, we ask the community for support through suggestions for promotions and similar actions, as well as doubts and other questions. In addition, we also consider suggestions for partnerships with projects or influencers that are aligned with our values. That's why we count on the community to raise the level of our project.
Send us your suggestion in the "Feedback" channel on our Discord Server (coming soon) or e-mails us at: [email protected] with the title "Suggestion".