How to reveal a Yung Pixel


The revealing process we use is really different from the majority of the NFT projects. As you should know by now, a buyer can choose when to reveal its Yung Pixels. You can only reveal when you already have an Unrevealed Yung Pixel. But by owning an Unrevealed Yung Pixel, you are allowed to start the revealing process when you wish to. And a revealed Yung Pixel is required to access the Yung Pixel's DAO.


Images illustrating each process are coming soon.
With an Unrevealed Yung Pixels in your wallet, connect your wallet to our website and select the "Reveal" button. If you have not already connected your wallet previously, you will be requested permission to our contract to read your wallet address, your $ETH and $LINK, and to interact with your wallet when the revealing process starts. A fee in $ETH is required. With your connected wallet, after selecting "Reveal" and the specific amount of Yung Pixels to be revealed, your EVM wallet should pop up requesting authorization to spend $LINK. Check if the amount is correct and proceed with the transaction. It should now request your permission to go through the transaction and start the revealing process. The total cost is the amount of $LINK and the gas fee required by Ethereum blockchain.