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The Yung Pixels Manifesto

We are Yung Pixels:
Our values as creators of a project are simple: we are honest, we love new blockchain technologies, we respect the NFT community (after all we are part of it), we want to work permanently with this project (so we have a long-term vision for what we are doing) and we believe in a decentralized future in which decision-making power is completely in the hands of many and equals.
With these values in mind, we looked at all this context exposed above and a few questions arose: what if we made an original, truly random, decentralized and professional project? Thus, Yung Pixels was born. We developed this project for months, spent hours upon hours developing our smart contract, exploring available and affordable technologies from Chainlink to generate true randomness, in countless design meetings, in aesthetic discussions, researching genuine criticism of the NFT scene, and in various details for us to do of our project something really revolutionary in the NFT scene. We want to be a model for future projects, and because of that we partnered up with Chainlink to use VRFs (Verifiable Random Functions) to provide true randomness in each of the Yung Pixels in their revelation process. Due to that, we do not control any aspect of this process, and any user can verify this on the blockchain.
In fact, our reveal process is something unique and inspired by nostalgia: we remember our childhood, opening Magic the Gathering and Pokémon cards booster packs, hoping a cool, rare monster would come out of them. This act of opening a package, a booster, without knowing what would come inside, is forever etched in the memory of past generations, including ours; and we want to mark this special sensation in the memory of the new generations who will have the internet as an integral part of themselves.
We directly use IPFS to store each metadata of all NFTs revealed. As a guarantee, we also use storage in the Piñata, which also uses the IPFS network. It is a completely decentralized storage of a project that is built on the most decentralized smart contract blockchain, Ethereum. We take the decentralization aspect very seriously, like all the other pillars of the project. Our developer is a proven professional. Because of this, in addition to our professionalism and our desire to revolutionize the scene, you will never see in our contract any function that allows us to change the metadata of your NFTs. The revelation process is completely decentralized, truly random and fair.
We spent hours and hours working on a design that was absolutely stylish, beautiful, fashionable and that would allow any buyer to identify with any Yung Pixel, no matter the genre. It’s entirely possible that you’re walking the streets of your city and you see someone wearing an outfit that bears a clear resemblance to some Yung Pixel, and that was our goal when starting this project. We believe that design speaks for itself. We are simply stylish and in a completely original way: there is nothing in the NFT scene quite like our style, we are unique. Of course, we have inspirations, but the originality of our design is remarkable, in addition to coming out of the common sense of an animal or any monster as art.
We are a group of people who really want to change the current NFT landscape, with so many scams, frauds and amateurism. We are a long-term project because we aim for great things, we have an internal roadmap, which will gradually be released to the community, which provides for reinvestment and new versions, new collections. We want to show the true potential of the NFT community. We want to show what can be done with a serious and professional team. Furthermore, we want to be the shadow that extinguishes the light of fraudulent projects, and the light that will serve as models for serious new projects. And we fully believe that there are more people in the community who want to see a paradigm shift. That’s why we say: we are Yung Pixels. We are the shape of NFTs to come. Join us in this revolution!