Why Ethereum?

Decentralization and ETH 2.0

We are well aware of the current difficulties regarding the high fee prices of the Ethereum network compared to other blockchain networks today, making the full price of a YP more expensive for artists and users. However, as we have shown throughout this document, the Yung Pixels project values one thing: decentralization.
Furthermore, a huge revolution in the Ethereum network is planned for this year, which could change the entire network fee scenario. "The Docking" ("The Merge") is probably the biggest revolution in crypto since the creation of Ethereum itself. Coincidentally or not, Yung Pixels is a project that is also a major revolution in the NFT landscape, being truly the shape of NFTs projects and communities to come. Thus, we see ETH 2.0 as a further addition to our project, one that can really make us a new reference in the NFT world.


Decentralization is the biggest motivation for the entire revolution that we are currently experiencing in the blockchain and NFT universes. The benefit of working with open and permissionless systems is transparent access to data. The concentration of information is a great harm to humanity today.
In addition, the security of the Ethereum network and its longevity, as well as its usability and interoperability, attracts us and has strong relation with all the topics raised in the section Dialogue with art and with our articles on Medium.
Currently, the Ethereum network has the aforementioned aspects in better stages of development and, also, the entire NFT story that inspires Yung Pixels is embedded in this blockchain network.
Ethereum network is an obvious choice for the YP project, and making people understand the importance of the above values ​​is one of the foundations of all this work.